Smart Door Lock

We at HashStudioz created a solution to enable smart and connected capabilities in the standard RF-based Hotel Door Lock. It offers hassle-free hotel check-in and check-out. The lock provides ease with the KYC process. In addition, it eliminates the customer footfall in the reception area. It also eases the room-service activity. The foremost feature is that it reduces the on-the-spot room allocation time, and offers fraud-free room allocation access. Solutions offered by smart door lock are that it offers a web portal and mobile app which is for booking and admin purposes. It offers a centralized one-time KYC, which helps to complete the KYC once and is not required ever again. It offers a mobile app for staff that acts as a one-stop solution for maintenance activities.

The solution is to enable smart and connected capabilities in the standard RF-based hotel door lock.

Smart Door Lock - Challenges

  • To provide hassle-free hotel check-in and check-out.
  • To ease the KYC process.
  • To eliminate the redundant KYC process.
  • To reduce customer footfall at reception.
  • To ease room-service activity.
  • To reduce on-the-spot room allocation time.
  • To provide fraud-free room allocation/access.

Smart Door Lock - Solution

  • Web portal and mobile app:

    For booking and admin purposes.

  • Centralized One time KYC:

    Complete KYC once and never again.

  • Mobile app for staff:

    One-stop solution for maintenance activities.

  • KYC free Check-in.
  • IoT enabled locks with OTA.

Smart Door Lock - System Architecture