Amusement Park Management System

Now, the Management of the complex Amusement park will no longer be the problem. As we have the simplified and mangeable modules pre created to solve your problem. Yes, we offer the whole park management software containing all the little detailings of any complicated amusement park.

From collecting crucial data and monitoring guest behavior to securely scheduling preventative park maintenance and repairs, we care for all.

Key Modules of our Amusement Park Management System


Entry Control

The tech experts build the customized control system for doors, speedgates with the software managing biometric validation, QR scanning, mobile ticket validation, & other entry methods.


Safety Programs

Safety app solutions is the demand of any management system. Hence we add security software including smart lock, surveillance, restricted access management, and more.


Event Management

The expert team at Hashstudioz knows the importance of events for any amusement park management system. That’s why we build special event specific modules. Where you get the facility for venue bookings, visitor registration and itinerary creation.


Maintenance management

Yes, we create a separate module for the maintenance of an amusement park. The customized management system will let you schedule, and assign employee tasks while predictive maintenance will work for the tracking of work done and their historical data.


Visitor Management

Our developers know the fastest and simplest modules that will show you the traffic coming to your amusement park. It will also provide settings to forecast the density on a particular day. You get a centralised database for real time tracking of your employee as well as the visitors.


Amusement Park POS Software

POS is the need of the management to make profits. And our centralised Point of Sale system allow amusement park to collaborate with third party retail, food & beverages. The secure payment gateway & processor integration support payments of debit, credit and others.


Amusement park Ticketing

We expand your reach through this multichannel ticketing module. Rather than the single offline booking, this will allow for online, mobile, and third party bookings. Additionally, you get the support for individual, group packages on various ticket types, add-ons, loyalty and discount features. We also customize APIs that can be integrated with third party distributors like stubhub,Ticketnetwork and more.One may also get refunds on the cancelled ticket booked online is also made sure under this park ticketing system.


NFC Payment and Access Control

Near field communication(NFC) is a great way to speed up the amusement park activity. This cashless payment mechanism provides multiple benefits. For events, we offer deployment of cashless payment across the theme park. That results in smaller queue at the purchasing stations and complete transparency. Additionally, integrated local loyalty coupons and referrals save cost for the organiser.