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Ionic offers a toolkit to create native iOS, and Android apps and Progressive Web Apps ready for mobile. With Ionic, you harness web technologies such as Angular, HTML, CSS and JavaScript/TypeScript to build apps for iOS & Android. This approach speeds up development by using the expertise of web developers to quickly create mobile apps. Ionic ensures a smooth cross-platform experience enabling your app to run seamlessly across various devices. Moreover, it allows for a single codebase that adapts to different platforms with customizable design systems.

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Hire Ionic App Developers for Exceptional Services

We are a team of experienced Ionic app developers who are committed to helping businesses create high-performing, cross-platform mobile apps.

Ionic App Consultation

Our team of offshore Ionic developers possesses extensive expertise in app management and offers professional guidance for cross-platform development.

Ionic Mobile App Development

Hire dedicated Ionic app developers to create incredible cross-platform mobile, web and desktop applications using a single shared code base.

Ionic Widget Development

Our skilled Ionic developers can help in creating a user-friendly & robust application that smoothly operates across various platforms. We have a customized plan to develop application widgets that suit your needs.

Ionic App Migration

Our team of Ionic developers is here to help you transition your older apps (such as eCommerce or enterprise apps) to Ionic while ensuring they stay updated with the newest mobile app trends.

Ionic App Integration

Integrate Ionic seamlessly with your existing systems & backend services for a cohesive user experience. Connect with third-party APIs & services to expand your app's functionality.

Multimedia Apps

With Ionic, we can create strong multimedia apps that captivate your audience and bring your content to life. We create an experience using Ionic, not just an app.

Ionic QA & Testing

Our experienced Ionic developers meticulously test apps to ensure they're fully optimized for functionality and usability.

Ionic App Maintenance & Support

Dedicated Ionic developers are available for smooth application maintenance that works well across all major mobile platforms.

What Makes Ionic the Ideal Choice for App Development?

Ionic has modernized the landscape of multi-platform app development. Here are compelling reasons to opt for the Ionic mobile app development framework for your upcoming project:


Open Source

Ionic, as an open-source SDK, allows anyone to contribute to its development. This collaborative approach makes creating Ionic apps faster and more simple benefiting from the collective efforts of a diverse community of developers.



Ionic stands out as one of the fastest frameworks available thanks to its utilization of Angular and JavaScript. This framework ensures that apps created with Ionic are exceptionally speedy and deliver seamless performance.


Feature Rich

Ionic continually updates its features ensuring that your app remains modern and always up-to-date with the latest additions.


Compatible with Various Platforms

You can create Ionic apps that work on various platforms like iOS, Android and Windows using just one set of code. This helps save both time and money.


Scales Well

Ionic applications utilize web technologies guaranteeing excellent scalability to accommodate applications of any size.


Huge Community Base

The Ionic community continues to expand, ensuring you receive assistance and support whenever needed.

Technology Stack That Our Ionic Developers Use Proficiently

Below is a list of tools and technologies that our Ionic developers are proficient in using to meet various requirements in Ionic app development:

Web Technologies

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • XML
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Angular.js
  • React.js
  • Vue.js

Ionic UI Components

  • Alert
  • Badge
  • Button
  • Card
  • Chip
  • Content
  • Checkbox
  • Grid
  • Floating Action Button
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Icons
  • Searchbar

Ionic Plugin

  • iOS WKWebView
  • Android WebView
  • Ionic Native


  • Android Studio
  • XCode


  • SQLite
  • Firebase
  • Couchbase Lite
  • MongoDB Realm
  • AWS Amplify
  • Strapi


  • JSON
  • ECMAScript 6
  • Appium (Testing)
  • Karma (Testing)
  • Capacitor

Would you like to learn how HashStudioz can help you?

  • Pre-vetted & Certified Programmer
  • Strict NDA Terms + 2X Faster Delivery
  • Flexible Hiring- Part-time, Hourly and Monthly Basis
  • Gain a 35% Cost Advantage by Hiring 10x Faster.
  • The Success Rate of the First Interview to Selection is 80%.
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We Cater - From Industry Giants to Startups




Hire Ionic developers to deliver robust and streamlined solutions for mobile banking, transactions & investment portfolio management ensuring security and efficiency.




Telemedicine apps enable remote consultations, while appointment booking apps streamline scheduling and reduce wait times.




Education is undergoing a digital transformation, and app development is playing a vital role.  learning platforms provide flexible learning options for students of all ages and make education interesting.




Innovation is not new to the printing industry. Print management app provide efficiency and transparency for organizations and customers by streamlining workflow.




Enhancing modern shopping experience through mobile commerce, efficient inventory management and personalized customer engagement.


Law Firms

Law Firms

Applications enhance collaboration and efficiency through secure communication, document management and legal research applications.




There are options for mobile solutions that enable streaming, gaming, and delivering interactive content.


Real Estate

Real Estate

Developing tools for property exploration, virtual walkthroughs and secure documentation to elevate and streamline the process of purchasing real estate.

Why Choose HashStudioz for Ionic Development Services?

  • Cost Savings

    When you hire dedicated Ionic framework developers through us, you can reduce expenses on development, IT, infrastructure, hardware, and more.

  • Quick Installation

    When you hire Ionic programmers from us, there will be sufficient time to get them onboarded. They quickly understand your project's development requirements.

  • Skill and Experience

    Our team of Ionic developers has tackled significant and intricate tasks delivering valuable results. With their years of expertise, they can enhance your project with their skills.

  • Complete Transparency

    We use the agile approach and make sure to keep you updated at every stage. Our daily team meetings encourage openness and ensure everyone stays informed during the development process.

  • Flexibility

    We're committed to delivering quality results without any complications. Our team of Ionic engineers is guaranteed to fulfill your requirements.

  • Process Understanding

    Working with Ionic developers from HashStudioz offers the advantage of seamless information transfer ensuring quick comprehension of processes.

Hire Ionic Developers in 4 Simple Steps


Share Your Requirements

Let us know your goals, technical necessities, and team dynamics. Our experienced consultants will work closely with you to understand your specific project needs.


Choosing the Best Talent

Leveraging our extensive network of Ionic developers, we will carefully review your criteria and create a shortlist of highly qualified candidates who match your project requirements.


Schedule Interviews

Utilize our tools to interview pre-assessed Ionic professionals ensuring the perfect fit for your business. This process ensures you find the perfect fit for your team and project.


Assisting with Remote Onboarding

We provide comprehensive onboarding and support services to ensure a smooth transition for your new hire. Our dedicated team will be there to support you throughout the engagement.

Engagement Models for Ionic Development

At HashStudioz, we provide flexible engagement models to meet your unique requirements. These models ensure access to a committed & proficient team for effective Ionic development:

Dedicated Ionic Resources

Hire a dedicated team comprising 4-8 skilled Ionic developers committed to dedicating their full-time efforts to your project. Our team, comprised of skilled Ionic experts commits a week to consistently providing top-notch solutions ensuring continuous progress.

Ionic Team Extension

Do you currently have a team dedicated to Ionic development? Choose our Ionic team extension model. Hire Ionic coders who possess the necessary skills & cultural alignment for your software projects.

Project-Based Model

Our project-based model is ideal for full project outsourcing. Rely on our skilled developers for every stage from development & testing to deployment. We smoothly integrate into your project to ensure successful execution and timely delivery.

Ready to kickstart your dream project? We've got a dedicated team to get you there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consider hiring dedicated Ionic developers for optimal work performance. This option brings several advantages including flexibility, higher productivity, specialized skills, easier management & quick response to situations.

Yes! At HashStudioz, we offer flexible hiring models. This means you can bring on a developer based on hourly rates or project/task requirements & easily switch between hiring models as needed.

Hiring Ionic developers from HashStudioz offers numerous advantages. Here are a few of them:

  1. Skilled Ionic developers well-versed in the newest technologies & latest trends
  2. Providing competitive prices while maintaining high quality & quick turnaround
  3. Project managers are committed to ensuring timely & efficient communication
  4. Various services are offered including mobile app development, web development, design services and more. Expertise
  5. 24/7 assistance for all your project requirements
  6. Our developers adhere to the most recent coding guidelines & industry best practices

Choose HashStudioz to experience these advantages and many additional benefits

We make sure to safeguard our clients' intellectual properties at all times. This includes finalizing deals with NDAs, securing code in private Git repositories and delivering projects with full adherence to formalities, code ownership, copyrights and more.