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Develop your business idea with an experienced team of developers who will work as an extension of your development team.

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Hire a Dedicated Developers in India
Dedicated Developers Case Study

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Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

An IoT gateway for getting data from Siemens PLC, Pro-face HMI, and other sensors to optimize the life cycle of parts which was getting manufactured at a client’s plant.

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>RS485-MQTT Gateway

RS485-MQTT Gateway

The need of gathering operational data is very important for a manufacturing facility as the cost of the entire product.

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Online Media Streaming App

Online Media Streaming App

an online media streaming application that is hosted on the cloud with the Live TV guide, DVR, voice search, reminders, subscription, other functionalities.

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Industry 4.0

HashStudioz : Factory Modernization using Industry 4.0

An ICT enabled embedded system to test various parameters like Inductance, Resistance, Holding Currents and Feedback Voltage from Motor.

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Dedicated Developers for E Learning Portal

E Learning Portal For Students & Professionals

An automated solution for finding content, lessons, classes, tutors, and eventually buy and book slots for French and Arabic language learning.

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Hire dedicated programmers to cherish
the below-listed benefits

 Hire a Dedicated Developers Team
turnaround time
Reduced turnaround time

Minimizing time to market is the key to success. In-house teams may have difficulty reducing this time when niche expertise is needed. Developers with domain knowledge can help companies bring products to market quickly.

global pool
Global talent pool accessibility

You will be able to hire 3 development teams for the price of 1 team in the US. Without compromising salary, English proficiency, strong math school, or tech community.

full control
Having full control

Having a team of developers work from a remote office is similar to having an in-house team. Dedicated hiring models also allow you to leave micromanagement to your dedicated project manager if you wish.

cost efficiency
Cost Efficiency

Hiring a dedicated development team means you won't have to spend time interviewing and hand-picking candidates yourself. Our team of experts will be assembled once the scope and requirements have been provided.


Depending on your requirements, the team leader assigned to your project will scale your resources accordingly. Flexibility and adaptability will help you achieve your goal.

Our committed developers

 Ai Dedicated Developers

AI engineers

You can hire our AI engineers to develop data-driven AI solutions that streamline your business processes.

 Dedicated Blockchain Developers

Blockchain developers

Our blockchain developers develop decentralized apps, blockchain wallets, smart contracts, and enterprise blockchain applications.

Dedicated IoT Developers

IoT developers

Connect smartphones to IoT devices with our IoT app developers to enhance productivity and increase efficiency.

Dedicated Web App Developers

Web app developers

Build secure, scalable, and robust mobile-first web apps with our web app developers.

Dedicated DevOps Engineers

DevOps engineers

Count on our DevOps engineers for everything from development to release automation, plugins and APIs.

Dedicated Firmware Engineers

Firmware engineers

Hire our firmware engineers who can manage different microcontrollers such as XMOS, Marvell MCUs, LPC17x, AVR and PSOC04.

Dedicated Mobile Application Developers

Mobile app developers

Hire dedicated mobile app developers to develop a variety of mobile apps, including iOS, Android, hybrid and cross-platform apps.

Five simple steps for hiring a dedicated developer


Send an inquiry

Meetings are held to establish project parameters, team requirements, an organizational structure, and a work plan.


Consult our experts

Our experts will provide you with complete transparency into your team's verified work history and overall project progress.


Select engagement model

Whether you need a web app to manage your staff or a mobile app.


Scale your team

A one-size-fits-all solution does not exist. Every team augmentation plan we devise is unique.

Boost your business with HashStudioz's dedicated developers

Hire a Dedicated programmers

Top-shelf quality

It might be risky to hire freelance developers. We guarantee superb quality based on our many years of experience.

Hire a Dedicated Developers company

Exceptional developers

Our company recruits the best talent on the market. To ensure that you hire only the best Indian developers, we test polished programmers with challenging tasks.

Dedicated Developers Team In India

Procedural simplicity

At HashStudioz Technologies Inc., hiring is simple, from contacting our experts to developing the team and managing it to the end of the project.

Dedicated Developers

Best-in-class infrastructure

HashStudioz's state-of-the-art infrastructure enables developers to maximize their potential. Developers can assist you in achieving your goals.

Hire a Dedicated Developers in USA

No prevarication

Technology consultants and mobile and web app developers adhere strictly to milestones and report to clients transparently.

Hire a dedicated Web App Development Company USA

End-to-end solutions

Design, development, and consultation experts are all under one roof. With HashStudioz, you get end-to-end solutions for your business.

 dedicated Web App Development Company USA

Extensive expertise

Professional mobile and web developers can help you stand out. Our remote developers have a sense of design, for instance.

Dedicated Developers Team in India

Action-ready teams

You can hire expert developers with HashStudioz. The best experts are provided to you in a timely manner by us.

Dedicated Application Development Team


A flexible approach that encourages fast product development and delivery while adhering to high-quality standards.

Industry-specific digital solutions

Dedicated Developers for Health & Fitness

Health & fitness

Want to make healthcare accessible to as many people as possible? Would you like accurate electronic health records and fewer incorrect diagnoses? Need a faster and easier way to handle medical billing? Contact us.

Dedicated Developers for Ecommerce


We integrate advanced features such as FaceID login, TouchID login, in-app chat, barcode scanning, and real-time tracking to help you build high-end solutions to increase conversion rates.

Dedicated Developers for Social Networking Site

Social networking

Do you want to develop an Instagram-like application with advanced features? Let's connect. We have developed over 40 applications for sharing photos and videos.

Dedicated Developers for Real Estate

Real estate

With expertise in Swift, Kotlin, Java, Flutter, XCode, Android Studio, MongoDB, and Oracle, we can meet all your real-estate custom needs.

Dedicated Developers for Education Sector


Develop a mobile application customized for authorities, parents, and students.

Dedicated Developers for Food & drink

Food & drink

Create an app similar to Zomato for ordering and delivering food.

Have a question? Look here

Dedicated coders are usually offshore developers. Prices, expertise, and experience are the main advantages of this cooperation model. If you hire a developer from a local company, then the price will not matter.

Since dedicated developers' prices depend on many factors, there is no definite answer to this question. Location, technical expertise, technology stack, management experience, etc.

It's all about the tools and the experience. The skills of dedicated developers have earned them a place in expert teams worldwide, or they have enhanced their niche skills. It is common to hire freelancers to complete minor, brief tasks. Dedicated developers are a better choice if you have something more complex in mind. Also, freelancers generally have access only to some basic tools, while dedicated developers employ licensed soft- and hardware, following the industry’s best practices.