Product Overview

It’s an all-in-one application facilitating users to watch Live TV, Videos on Demand with Cloud DVR (Digital Video Recording) functionality. It’s a digital product that supports multiple devices like Android mobile, Android TV, iPhone, Amazon FireStick, Amazon app, and Android smart box.

The developed media streaming app facilitates users to record live TV and access thousands of latest movies on a subscription basis. This is a Multilingual Application that supports English, Spanish, and French language.

The product also comes with a highly interactive admin panel through which one can easily manage users and subscriptions.


The Product Requirement

After a fortnight-long discussion with the client, we identified that a platform-independent system is required for their media streaming project which was supposed to have all the flexibility and convenience for their target users as well as the admin managing the application.

To fulfill the required purpose, they needed a responsive website with an Admin panel capable of managing the users, TV guide, Videos, Categories, plans, payments, ads, and other announcements. Along with that, multiple applications were required to be designed for various platforms like Smart TV, Android TV, Android Smart box including Android phones.

While the emphasis was on the users being able to watch the programs seamlessly on various devices. The system was supposed to support the following features.

  • Live TV Guide
  • DVR
  • On-demand shows
  • Search facility using the remote control or the voice search
  • Subscription and Payment
  • Show Reminder
  • Ads

The Challenges

  • Building a highly scalable and high-performance system for the entertainment industry.
  • Admin control to manage the shows, users, and subscriptions.
  • Application to work on multi-type devices and resolutions.
  • On-demand Infrastructure scaling.
  • Dynamic user package and subscription management.
  • Device-specific auto app update and app lock.
  • Hosting the solution on cloud adding multi zones functionality.
  • Peak traffic load management during new releases and weekends.

Our Solution

Understanding the requirement, we built the system using the cutting edge Technology stack like PHP, Codeigniter, Angular, Android Native for the app, MySql, and AWS Cloud Platform.

While our solution was designed to support a large number of user-bases and devices. We take pride in adding the feature of dynamic scaling which further helps in maintaining the infra cost within budget.

We designed the interface of the applications using Android Native and Redux and supported detailed remote operations. In the whole product development journey, we kept our focus to provide a seamless experience for the users. Be it the signup, search, or commenting section we made it super easy & fast. For streaming purposes, we used cloud storage that significantly reduced the development cost while providing a better user experience.

media streamig project

Challenges Resolved

  • Optimized simultaneous device connections.
  • Facilitated dynamic software updates across platforms.
  • Build UI/UX supporting multiple device sizes and resolution.
  • Provided high performance and load management.
  • Enabled dynamic infra scaling during peak loads and weekends.

The Result

The final result comprised a seamless application with a solid admin panel. We delivered all the expected functionality within the time frame and even added some dynamic scaling feature that reduced the cost in a significant way.

Though there are numerous features and design specification that made the final output worth commending, Some of them are:

  • Multilingual Support- The developed application supported English, Spanish, and French language.

  • Support for multi Device types-The end-result provided a seamless experience of various device resolutions and types.

  • Dynamic Subscription management-The platform allowed user packages that can be dynamically managed. Like if one wants to upgrade or make other changes in their subscription, that can be efficiently managed here.

  • Cloud Solution -The solution hosted on AWS brought the flexibility required.


  • Multi screen support Multi screen support
  • High performance & load management High performance & load management
  • Multiple device accessibility Multiple device accessibility

Technology Used

  • nodejs Node.js
  • Angular Angular
  • Android Native Android Native
  • SwiftSwift
  • mysqlMySql

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