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iot-ev-health-monitoringEV Health Monitoring

Since an EV is built over a fairly large amount of battery cells, monitoring the life of all these cells as well as other operational parameters is key to enhancing the life of the vehicle altogether. We used the OBD-II port to capture vehicle stats and used Azure IoT core to store and process all the data from multiple vehicles.

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Swachh ATM iot-embedded-swachh-atm

Waste segregation is the most challenging task as the recyclable glass and metal can need to be processed and the non-recyclable plastic bottles should be stored separately. Our smart machine can do this task on the fly using standard non-expensive sensors and some actuators and the trash is stored in their respective bins, ready to be recycled or disposed of.

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iot-based-smart-tableSmart Table

The Smart table is a GUI-based control for a LINAK-based actuator handling various movements of the table including height, monitor angles, etc, providing user profiles and the ability to store multiple presets per user. The entire unit is networkable and settings can be accessed remotely as well.

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Smart Door Lockiot-based-smart-door-lock

The Smart door lock developed by us is actually an unlocking solution that can be used over an existing RFID/NFC Lock in the hospitality industry with a back end process to reduce the waiting period at check-in/ check-out process by providing valid KYC to the hotel and providing the user with an app-based key instead of a hardware key.

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Discover our wide range of solutions for connected devices

App security consulting

We take precautions to secure data when creating IoT projects in case of attacks or flaws. Every IoT product we develop has security built in. We follow the Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL), a procedure used by the industry to create secure apps.

IoT cloud platform services

We take leverage of industry-leading cloud infrastructures and services like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud IoT, IBM Bluemix, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Security, regular backups, and cloud setup and configuration are handled by us.

Bluetooth App Development

Our IoT development team creates software that gathers information from Bluetooth-enabled gadgets and sensors. We create apps for wearables, personal electronics, and other applications using Bluetooth v4.x/Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Backend & API development

The backend handles sensor data collection and analysis, remote firmware updates, device configuration and management, and sensor data setup. It handles interfaces with third-party systems and gathers, processes, and distributes data via APIs to mobile apps and IoT devices.

Beacon & iBeacon App Development

For beacons, which are inexpensive, low-powered, and low-energy Bluetooth devices, we provide app development. We enable mobile apps to comprehend their location and send content to users based on location using Google's Eddystone open beacon format and Apple's iBeacon technology.

Data analytics application development

For the Industrial IoT (IIoT), retail, healthcare, and other industries, we create data analytics software. Using machine learning technology, this software collects and examines data from sensors to draw pertinent conclusions.

Voice-enabled IoT application development

We can add voice interaction to your IoT application so that customers can speak to their products. The voice's range of possibilities may include simple instructions like "turn on" or "turn off." We can also link your app with Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana.

Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) development

We create location-aware mobile applications for positioning and interior navigation using Bluetooth beacons or Wi-Fi technologies. Real-time positioning of people or items inside buildings is determined by these technologies.

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Most Productive Tech Stack

Our practical knowledge of cutting-edge technology stacks makes the process of developing new goods and services simpler, quicker, and more affordable. HashStudioz has end-to-end expertise in deploying Edge to Cloud services to enhance the intelligence, speed, and fun of your products.


Compatible & Integrated App Solutions

Create apps and innovative solutions that work with a range of hardware, software, and screen resolutions. Connect your intelligent apps to a range of third-party applications using safe APIs. To further customize the experience, collect user information and behavior from the mobile application.


Specialized IoT Teams

Our IoT team has extensive knowledge in a wide range of industries and project needs thanks to years of industry experience and exposure to projects in many verticals. Our experienced developers are familiar with the complexities and applytheir specialist technical knowledge to create reliable apps that significantly improve your company.


Vast Industry Experience with the IoT

We are developing for both industrial and consumer IoT, as mentioned in our portfolio. From consumer goods to heavy manufacturing, we have collaborated with innovative IoT startups and businesses. You can work with us to create an IoT ecosystem from scratch or improve your present devices by adding intelligence to them.


Secure Practices of IoT Development

Because every procedure is meticulously followed in accordance with data security norms, HashStudioz's development procedures are all extremely secure and effective. When creating IoT mobile applications, our development methodology takes into account the linked devices, cloud computing requirements, IoT platforms, hardware requirements, sensors, and security.

We’re committed to quality and consistency. When it comes to building IoT products that enable smart operations, we attain strict compliance with our processes and development methodologies.

App solutions for leading industries

Logistics & Transport

Logistics & Transport

To ensure a safe driving experience, modern cars are equipped with numerous sensors. HashStudioz expands on this strategy by incorporating software into their automobiles, enabling engineers to create improvements that are supplied through software updates without involving the user.



Farmers may monitor several kinds of data using IoT applications for precision agriculture to maximize crop output and cut waste in real time. By adjusting irrigation and fertilization according to the crop and the region, the best possible growing conditions are produced.


Commercial & Appliances

Lighting solutions, thermostats, smoke/CO detectors, safety devices, and smart speakers are all examples of how our homes are now more connected than ever as a result of IoT systems. These advanced software apps allow consumers to create a safe, comfortable, and efficient experience.



IoT data is transmitted via technologies like beacons, customized mobile applications, wearables, smart fitting rooms, and RFID sensors, which enables businesses to better anticipate consumer behavior and customize the shopping experience.



IoT solutions give the manufacturing sector access to data that enables businesses to take proactive action. Manufacturing organizations can use IoT applications to understand their machines' needs and respond to them before they break.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

IoT solutions for supply chain management make it possible for companies involved in shipping on the road and delivering goods. Companies can easily arrange repairs or replacements around deliveries thanks to customized IoT applications.

From IoT product engineering to deploying desired solutions, we keep every phase connected with each other. It helps to maintain consistency in product design, hardware engineering, and feature integration’s. Our IoT development process is cognitive and disciplined. To know the complete process, visit here.

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