Waste Sorting And Disposal Machine

We at HashStudioz have developed a waste sorting and disposal machine, enabled by IoT. The machine is designed in a way that it can easily distinguish between glass, plastic, and tin. This way, it helps in the best possible way to segregate the type of waste material and helps in reporting when the bins are full. The prominent feature of the machine is that it comes with a live rewarding feature. Another great feature is that it has a real-time data feed to help automate the machine's functioning. Furthermore, the machine can be easily connected to a smart device and help in reporting any kind of waste material.

IoT enabled waste sorting and managing waste materials.

Waste Sorting and Disposal Machine - Challenges

  • To integrate waste sorting mechanism:

    Distinguish between glass, plastic and tin.

  • To implement segregation of materials:

    Reporting whenever the bins are full.

  • To create UI for inputting mobile number and trash type.
  • To integrate live rewarding feature.

Waste Sorting and Disposal Machine - Solution

  • Android-Based UI:

    For mobile number and trash type.

  • Hardware-Backed trash detection system.
  • API developed with trash data being sent:

    To allow data collection and reward distribution.

  • Multiple sensors for redundancy.
  • Optional ML connectivity.

Waste Sorting and Disposal Machine - System Architecture