What is Amadeus?

Amadeus is one of the leading Global Distribution Systems (GDS). It’s Central Reservation System provides search, pricing, booking, ticketing, and other post-booking processing services in real-time to travel agencies & service providers globally. Amadeus services are available for customers ranging from airlines, hotels, car, cruise and rail content suppliers & inventory owners. It also brought its services for travel agencies, tour operators and individual travelers.

From the Travel Agencies perspective, Amadeus offers both Terminal Solution (VISTA - a backend platform for Travel Business to search, price, book, and post-booking operations) as well as SOAP/XML API which allows travel agents to integrate travel-related contents into their application (Web or Mobile).

Benefits Of Amadeus GDS

Apart from high availability and access to a wide range of travel content i.e. Air, Hotel, Car, Cruise, rail, etc. Amadeus GDS provides these benefits:

  • Picks up real-time inventory from various sources
  • Real-Time Booking Instantly Reflects In The Airline System
  • PNR And Ticket Generations On The Spot
  • Centralized Payment Processing Via BSP
  • Acts As A Single Source Of Aggregated Data Of Airlines Loyalty Program Extended Via API
  • Reduces The Time To Interact With Airlines Individually And Hence Increase Efficiency And Productivity

So as a conclusion, we can say that in the modern-day technology-driven trade requirement of the travel business, creating an online travel portal or B2B portal or self-booking tool using Amadeus API integration would help your business grow without increasing the workload on your teams.

Features of the Amadeus Flights API

  • One Way/Return/Multi-City search option

    One Way/Return/Multi-City search option

  • exclusively on Amadeus GDS

    500+ Global Airlines, some exclusively on Amadeus GDS

  • most relevant information

    Search filters to get the most relevant information

  • Fare and Pricing Information

    Detail Fare and Pricing Information

  • Add on Services/Ancillary Services available

    Add on Services available

  • SSR details

    SSR Details- Seat map & baggage

  • Booking Confirmation (GDS and Airline PNR)

    Booking Confirmation

  •  Hold and Issue ticket

    Hold and Issue ticket

  • Post Booking Services - PNR status

    Post Booking Services - PNR status

  • Cancellation, Modification and Refund process

    Cancellation, Modification and Refund process

  • Reporting and Customer Loyalty

    Reporting and Customer Loyalty

  • Details like Carrier, Stops, Layover time, Duration, Segment travel time, are also available

    Details like Carrier, Stops, Layover time, are also available

Why you need the business automation shift
To API Integration Service

  • Based on your business model, it offers multiple services and real-time data availability.
  • It also facilities online booking and post-booking services as well.
  • Seeing the customer's demand and need of the hour, every Travel agent must automate the process and offer the same set of services via an online platform.
  • It allows you to bring the content online so that your customers whether it is B2B Agent (Affiliates) or B2C (Leisure) or Corporates; all can search and make bookings online without any manual intervention.
  • To beat the competition, it empowers you to have an on demand platform that will make the travel business scalable and fast.
API Integration Service

How Hashstudioz Integration Services
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Our Other API Integration Services

We provide not only the Amadeus API Integration but also other travel API integration services. And for all integration we have a technology stack, be it Amadeus API integration on Java, dot net, or PHP, we do all with the expertise and ease. Two of the very often sought after API integration Services apart from Amadeus are:

  • Travelport API integration
  • Sabre API integration

Are you considering implementing technology solution for your Travel business with GDS and Airline API integrations, We are here to help