Sabre API Integration Services

Sabre API Integration Services

For any Travel Business, it is important and critical to connect to the GDS (Global Distribution System) to source the Global Airlines Content and when it comes to GDS, Sabre does not need any introduction as Sabre is one of the industry leaders in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Industry.
It is a global business-to-business travel marketplace that is used by travel suppliers including approximately 400 airlines, 175,000 hotel properties, 200 tour operators, 50 rail carriers, 40 car rental outlets and 17 cruise lines to promote, personalize and sell their products to travel management companies, corporate travel departments and approximately 425,000 travel agents, around the world.

At HashStudioz, we offer Sabre API integration and application development services for Travel Business. Depending on the Business and Solution Requirement i.e. be it Online Travel Agent who wish to integrate Sabre API in its platform, on a Startup Willing to launch a B2B or B2C Travel Portal or a Tour Operator to consume the content from GDS for Airlines, Hotels and any other inventory, we develop the application and integrate the Sabre API.

Key highlights of Our Integration Services

  • Technology Stack Agnostic  Implementation

    Technology Stack Agnostic Implementation

    We have a team of experts who integrate Sabre API with edge sharp details irrespective of the tech stack.

  • Fast Execution

    Fast Execution

    Our integration experts know the fastest, smartest and most efficient way to execute the service required.

  • Post Deployment Support

    Post Deployment Support

    We believe in making you grow through our services. Hence provides post deployment handhold service.

Our Custom Development Services
using Sabre API

  • Customization & Configuration

    Customization & Configuration

    We customize and configure the Sabre solutions & platform according to your business needs. From programming custom workflows to integrating data and extending platform capabilities we do all. We also personalize branding, merchandising, and content distribution.

  • Sabre API Integration

    Sabre API Integration

    We have a team of experts to do the custom Sabre integration services. Sabre Sabre GDS API XML integration, Air API connect, Rail API connect, and more. We add functionality to existing applications while synchronizing data across the application.

  • Travel Portal Development

    Travel Portal Development

    We provide travel portal development services with Sabre integration for travel management companies agencies, corporations with custom features for airlines, hotels, rail, cruise, car rentals, and more.

Sabre API (Sabre WebServices)

Sabre®APIs, formerly known as Sabre® Web Services, provide easier, faster and more flexible access to the Sabre® system functionality and products. Through the Web interface, Travel business can develop applications and integrate Sabre products and services. APIs are ideal for developers who want to build or update a customised booking application for their website or use Sabre content within another application.

Sabre web services can be availed for maintaining a sabre booking system for :

  • Airlines
  • Automobile Rental
  • Hotel Premises
  • Railway
  • Cruise lines
Sabre Universal API  (uAPI)

Benefits of Sabre GDS Integration

  • Availability of rail content
  • Automobile rental services
  • Provides single point of access
  • Removes constraints from
    existing system & technology
  • Uses XML, SOAP, and travel
    industry standards
  • Allows various functionality
    to your customized solutions
  • Facilitates event notification
  • Cost Saving
  • Cruise bookings
  • Private and Published Fares
  • Loaded by Airlines
  • An association of
    4 lakh+ travel operators

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