Client Overview

The client is a company specializing in Business-to-Consumer engagement through live TV sound on guest smartphones. They provide a unique solution that allows customers to hear screen sound on their devices, enhancing guest engagement and increasing foot traffic in various business settings.

Project Overview

The client, wants a cost-effective, user-friendly solution to improve her customers' experience by offering personalized audio control and creating a peaceful atmosphere in different environments such as reception and lounge areas, stadiums for live commentary, and guest engagement during events.


Problem Statement

The traditional approach of relying solely on onscreen entertainment in public spaces like receptions, waiting areas, and stadiums often falls short of engaging customers effectively. People may not be able to hear the sound clearly or may be preoccupied, leading to a subpar experience. VenueVoice aims to address this issue by providing a solution that enhances customer experience, increases engagement, and helps venues create a more immersive and engaging environment for their guests.

Specific challenges:

  • Customer difficulty focusing on individual games: The overlapping audio makes it hard for customers to follow their desired game.
  • Negative customer feedback: Customers have complained about the overwhelming noise and difficulty in watching specific games.
  • Missed opportunity to enhance customer experience: The lack of control over the audio-visual experience limits the ability to create a more engaging and immersive atmosphere for different types of customers and events.
  • Budget constraints: The client needs to find a cost-effective solution that meets her needs.
  • Technical expertise: The client may need assistance with installation, configuration, and ongoing maintenance.
  • Integration with existing infrastructure: Needs to integrate seamlessly with the existing wiring and electrical system.
  • User-friendliness: The system should be easy for the Client and his staff to use, even with limited technical knowledge.

Solution: Introducing the VenueVoice System

The VenueVoice system offers a cost-effective and user-friendly solution to different environments such as reception and lounge areas, stadiums for live commentary, and guest engagement during events. Their technology enables guests to choose live audio on their phones, potentially increasing dwell time and engagement. Additionally, VenueVoice helps venues comply with health and safety regulations by providing sound directly to guests' devices, reducing the risk of disease spread.

Components of VenueVoice System

VenueVoice Hardware Device

This compact device connects to the venue's network via ethernet and generates a Wi-Fi hotspot. Up to 4 TVs can be connected through standard audio jacks (3.5mm). It requires a power supply via Type-B USB.

  • LAN Port
  • Type-B USB Port
  • 4 Audio Jacks (3.5mm)

VenueVoice Mobile App

Available for Android and iOS, this app allows users to connect to the VenueVoice device's Wi-Fi hotspot and browse a selection of audio channels corresponding to the video content playing on each TV.

VenueVoice Panel

The VenueVoice Panel system features three distinct admin panels tailored to different levels of access and responsibilities:

  • Super Admin Panel: The Super Admin Panel is the highest level of access in the VenueVoice system. It allows for full control and management of all aspects of the system, including user permissions, settings, and overall system configuration.
  • Venue Admin Panel: The Venue Admin Panel is designed for administrators responsible for managing specific venues within the VenueVoice system. This panel provides tools for venue-specific settings, event management, and user access control within that venue.
  • Staff Admin Panel: The Staff Admin Panel is intended for staff members who need access to specific features and functionalities within the VenueVoice system to carry out their roles effectively. This panel typically offers tools for tasks such as event coordination, guest management, and communication.

Here's how it works


Compact hardware device

  • Connects to the venue's network via LAN port for internet access.
  • Generates a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Provides 4 standard audio jacks (3.5mm) for connecting TVs.
  • Requires power using a Type-B USB port.

Free mobile app (Android & iOS)

Allows customers to:

  • Connect to the VenueVoice Wi-Fi or Venue Router.
  • Browse audio channels for each connected device (TV).
  • Select their preferred channel and enjoy the audio privately through headphones.

Implementation Process



The client or a qualified technician can easily install the VenueVoice device. This involves connecting it to the venue's network via ethernet, powering it with a Type-C USB cable, and connecting up to four TVs using standard audio jacks.


Downloading the App

Customers can download the free VenueVoice app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


Connecting to the Hotspot

Upon entering the venue, customers can connect their smartphones to the VenueVoice device's Wi-Fi network, which will be readily identifiable (e.g., "VenueVoice").


Selecting Audio Channel

Using the intuitive VenueVoice app, customers can browse the available audio channels corresponding to each TV and select their desired channel.



Customers can connect their headphones to their smartphones and enjoy the chosen audio channel privately, eliminating the noise and clutter from overlapping audio.

Results and Benefits

By implementing the VenueVoice system, the Client can transform his business into a more customer-centric and engaging environment, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and potentially increased business success.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers can now enjoy a personalized audio experience, focusing on their preferred game or program without distractions.

Improved Atmosphere

By eliminating the cacophony of overlapping audio, the venue can create a more enjoyable environment for all customers.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Addressing a major customer pain point can lead to improved satisfaction and potentially increased customer loyalty and repeat visits.

Flexibility and Control

The client gains control over the audio environment, allowing her to create designated zones for specific sporting events or cater to different customer preferences.

Cost-Effective Solution

The VenueVoice system offers a relatively affordable solution compared to complex multi-room AV systems, making it accessible for businesses.


The system is designed for ease of use, with straightforward installation and a user-friendly mobile app.

Additional features of the VenueVoice App

Sync 10-Second Feature

Allow users to synchronize their audio playback for a seamless listening experience.

Favorite Event Search

Feature that enables users to search for their favorite events, such as concerts, podcasts, or live shows, within the app.

Favorite Venue Search

Users can search for their favorite venues, like concert halls, theaters, or clubs, to discover upcoming events or performances at those locations. This feature could include venue details, schedules, and ticket information.