HashStudioz offers a powerful application to help you with all of these and more. Beauty businesses around the world can grow their business, save time, and increase their outreach 1000 fold by using our application. We have the needed tools included in the application to help you in attracting customers, keep them engaged, and executing effective marketing campaigns.

Best salon and spa management software

Best salon and spa management software development

Customers can browse through the services and make appointments without hassle with a few clicks. An online booking application connects the end clients with professional beauty experts and salons. By actively connecting with clients, professional beauty experts can expand their outreach and focus on their services with revenue pouring in through application. As studies suggest, more and more millennials now use online applications on their laptops and mobile to book services and beauty services are no different. The online presence also gives your Spa Salon more visibility and helps to improve the branding and outreach with minimal expense.

What is the purpose of the app?

Customers can find the Salon by location, service or proximity and go through the list of services, and make an appointment based on available slots. They can also look for special offers and discounts and make use of them while making an appointment. Customers can login to the application either using their mobile or email. Customers can pay online using multiple payment methods, including cards, wallets, UPI, etc.

Salon owners can use this application to set up their Salon, Services, Staff and discounts within the marketplace. They can manage their services list, confirm appointment requests, manage slots availability and send payout requests on completion of service. This helps to make the offering transparent. Salon owners can set up multiple salons with managers, staff and services associated with each salon along with amenities that each salon may have.

What’s there for your business?

Now you can run your salon or
salon digitally, conveniently and intelligently.

Works on iPad / Mac

Using an iPad or an Apple Mac in your salon and concerned that your choice
of software won’t work on your devices? Our salon software is compatible with
all devices and platforms, including iPad, Mac, Windows, and Android. There
are no downloads required, which makes it even simpler to use.

Appointment Scheduling

Schedule appointments for your clients date-wise, time-wise to reduce customer’s waiting time at counters.

Security and Accuracy

Upon payment users get an OTP via SMS for the appointment which they can share
with Salon after the service is complete. This ensures that appointment data is
accurate and clients feel better as the reports on appointments are always accurate.

Package Booking

Enjoy the benefits of creating bundles packages for different services. Customizable salon packages also help you to increase client loyalty. By making it simple for consumers to make appointments based on their preferences, you can improve the revenue with our application.

Easy Payments & Receipt Printing

Simplify your payments using Multiple Payment Modes Online. Customers get the
invoices in their email as well as find all of their transactions in their profile.

Record Management

Application provides features to maintain client appointments history, booking preferences, future bookings and contact details.

Integrated SMS

Clients get notified of any changes in their appointment from booked to confirmed, cancelled, etc.

Role based access

Salon owners can control privileges of their staff and their access to customer data.

Integrated Payout Module

Salons owners can request payout of completed services through the application and track all of their services.

Why is our application best for your business?

Best in class features

Application provides all of the features you would need to set up Salon, Services and Staff to get you started in no time.


No upfront payment required. You will pay a portion of the service that you sell on the marketplace which makes it a no burden application. You only have to pay when you realize your revenue using the application which means it’s a zero upfront obligation offering.

Ease of Use

We designed our application keeping user experience in mind. Application is intuitive and ensures that end users get to the needed service with minimal clicks. It can easily be used by a naïve user. The application works seamlessly on mobile devices or any device as we use state of the art technology to provide best user experience

Improve your revenue by using
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