What is ‘My Period Tracker’?

My Period Tracker is a personalized app that offers to track, monitor and manage menstrual cycles. It is an extremely elegant and easy-to-use application that provides a very intuitive interface for girls/women to track their ovulation, fertility, period logs and menstrual cycles.

It helps you calculate the fertile days and ovulation based on the inputs provided while assisting in finding the possible prospective days for conceiving a baby or even avoid the unwanted pregnancy.

The application provides a lifestyle calendar for women which can be used to create and edit notes, organize and navigate through to preview one’s medical records and forecasts.

Our Technology Support

  • High level of privacy protection
  • Cross-platform enabled
  • Cloud storage & Device migration
  • Intuitively designed timeline
  • Log management
  • Taking Backup of data to phone or email
what is my period tracker
features of my period tracker

Specific Features Of My Period Tracker

  • Record your period dates
  • Pregnancy mode
  • Partner sharing of log information
  • Period tracker, cycle tracker, fertile tracker, ovulation tracker
  • Average Period Length and Cycle Length
  • Restore Period tracker data
  • More than 20 symptoms and moods to choose

A Real Guide

My period tracker turns out to be a real guide for women. It empowers women to make guided health decisions by understanding data of periods. It also helps in calculating the fertility days & ovulation days on the basis of the scientific methods & increasing chance of pregnancy.
Along with that, through important notifications, it helps you make informed decisions, be it a routine health monitoring, avoiding pregnancy, or even conceiving.

As bonus, your practitioner can track the data & better understand your period issues.

A Little more to Women’s Ease

  • Period calendar & calculator
  • Ovulation & Fertility calendar
  • View your period at a glance at our easy to read a calendar
  • Plan ahead with predictions for your next 6 months periods, fertility days & Ovulation tracker
  • Track moods symptoms, weight, & other menstrual-related progress
  • Customize your calendar & tracker dates
  • Setup discreet reminders/ notifications for your next period or when your fertile days are approaching with a secure password
My period tracker menstrual calendar
MPT pregnancy mode

Specific Pregnancy Mode For
Women Trying to Conceive

MPT is highly useful for women trying to conceive, as it contains a specific pregnancy mode that can track period/ovulation/cycles specific symptoms, treatments & events eg. intercourse, contraception etc.

It helps you in recording popular signs of ovulation cycle and update them by physical monitoring. You can keep records of home pregnancy tests while having an advanced ovulation tracking & prediction on fertility awareness method(FAM) or OPK.

What End Users Have To Say

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    A very user friendly & accurate app, have been using till now since its launch, handy to help me plan before any overseas travel.

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    I love this app so much! It was so helpful for me to track my period and the fertility dates. It helped us to track when to try for a child & we did it! Thank you

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    Gloria Ukomadu

    Trusted App it keeps me on track and the fact that you can keep track of symptoms and moods it's more awesome. I recommend it for any woman.

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    4.2 * 10k reviews

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