Launch of the RS-232 IoT Gateway: A Key Solution for Enterprises Adapting to the Connected World

HashStudioz Technologies Introduces Advanced RS-232 IoT Gateway for Seamless Connectivity & Control

Noida | India – (NOV 23, 2023)

HashStudioz Technologies, a global leader in cutting-edge technical solutions is pleased to announce the release of its revolutionary IoT/IIoT RS-232 Gateway. This innovative gateway has the power to completely transform equipment management, industry-wide communication and the monitoring of a vast array of sensors and devices.

The RS-232 IoT Gateway is a truly remarkable device equipped with an extensive set of amazing capabilities that are meant to offer a comprehensive solution for data collection, monitoring, and control. This gateway supports several frame formats & baud rates ensuring transparent, quick, and high-speed full duplex data transfer thanks to its 32-bit ARM Multi-Core Qualcomm SoC for LTE connectivity. Due to its DIN Rail physical factor and 24 Volt DC power supply, it is a versatile solution for a variety of deployment scenarios.

The IoT/IIoT RS-232 gateway promises to disrupt a variety of industries, including manufacturing, transportation, energy and smart cities. Its capabilities promote greater productivity, lower costs and the creation of goods of high quality. It provides substantial time savings of 15% and cost reductions of 10% only in production.

Mr. Jitender Malik, CEO of HashStudioz, showed his excitement by stating, "Our RS-232 IoT gateway is evidence of our commitment to excellence and innovation." Its architecture ensures dependable communication, easy control and real-time data transmission to meet the evolving needs of multiple industries."

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