Waste Sorting And Disposal Machine

IoT enabled Waste Sorting and Managing waste materials.

Waste Sorting and Disposal Machine

We at HashStudioz designed a smart washing machine controller. It works by adding smart capabilities and home assistant connectivity such as Alex and Google Home to a washing machine. The status of reporting is similar to machine health and the current operation cycle. It is a developed and integrated ESP-32-based solution that handles the App communication and Smart home integration. It uses Application and Device gateway development: For smooth integration with hardware.

Waste Sorting and Disposal Machine - Problem Statement

Waste sorting mechanism:

Distinguish between Glass, Plastic and Tin.

Segregation of Materials:

Reporting whenever the bins are full.

Eliminate Redundant KYC process.

UI for inputting Mobile number and Trash Type.

Live Rewarding feature.


Waste Sorting and Disposal Machine - Solution


Android Based UI:

For Mobile Number and Trash Type.

Hardware Backed Trash Detection System.

Api developed with trash data being sent:

To allow data collection and reward distribution.

Multiple Sensors for Redundancy.

Optional ML connectivity.

Waste Sorting and Disposal Machine - System Architecture

smart -able-system-architecture