Motion Activated Audio Player

Motion Activated Audio player for Adults and the differently abled. Enhanced with Cloud connectivity for greaterAccessibility and control.

Motion-activated audio player

We at HashStudioz designed a motion-activated audio player for adults and the differently abled. It is enhanced with cloud connectivity for greater accessibility and control. It offers a PIR-based motion-activated alert, i.e., a playback system that notifies the elderly or differently abled. It is an AWS-backed, mobile app, and offers cloud infrastructure for audio files and controlling other device parameters. It is a TI’s Wifi processor-based solution and has Inbuilt NAND flash storage. In addition, it offers a low-power amplifier for longer battery life.

Motion Activated Audio Player - Problem Statement

PIR based Motion Activated Alert:

Playback System Notifying Elderly or differently abled.

Mobile App with AWS backed:

Cloud Infrastructure for Audio Files and controlling other Device parameters.

App Notifications:

in case of any Event

Device Schedules.

BMS and Charging Monitoring.


Motion Activated Audio Player - Solution

iot-web-portal-solutions iot-web-portal-solutions

TI’s Wifi processor based solution.

Inbuilt NAND flash storage.

Low power amplifier for longer battery life

Built in deep sleep mode:

For reducing overall power consumption.

Android app for controlling device:

And file uploads.

AWS IoT core, Greengrass and s3 integration.

Motion Activated Audio Player - System Architecture

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