IoT App Development & Consulting Services

In today's world, businesses in all sectors are connecting the equipment and sensors in their operations to the internet in order to improve the quality of their client experiences, reduce their energy consumption, increase their levels of productivity, and open up new income streams.

HashStudioz Technologies is the topmost IoT Development Company in the USA, India, Noida, Dehradun, Chandigarh. We have a wealth of experience and expertise in a variety of fields, including embedded technologies, Cloud services, and component hardware. We design and develop hardware solutions in collaboration with chip suppliers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and sensor manufacturers to fulfill your M2M and IoT requirements.

With practical experience in designing sensor devices and developing tracking systems for a range of businesses, take leverage from business-shaping solutions offered by leading IoT solutions provider - HashStudioz.

Our Top-rated IoT Development Services

Though We provide end to end IoT development services in the USA, India, Noida, Chandigarh, Dehradun from hardware integration to custom IoT application development, these are our most appreciated IoT App Development Services:

iot-consulting-servicesIoT Consulting Services

Our experienced consultants can guide you through every stage of your IoT project, from initial concept development to implementation and ongoing support. We help you identify the best technologies, design a scalable architecture, and ensure your project aligns with your business goals. Here's a breakdown of the key services offered

  • Business Case Development
  • Feasibility Studies and Proof of Concept (POC) Development
  • Technology Selection
  • System Architecture Design
  • Security Consulting
  • Data Management Strategy
  • Deployment and Integration

industrial-iot-services-solutionsIndustrial IoT Services and Solutions

We offer comprehensive services for industrial IoT (IIoT) applications, helping you leverage the power of connected machines and sensors to optimize operations, improve efficiency, and gain valuable insights. Here's a breakdown of the key services offered:

  • Implementing robust data management systems
  • Developing data analytics tools
  • Real-time monitoring of industrial assets
  • ERP, MES, and SCADA
  • Security Solutions
  • Ongoing maintenance and support

IoT Development ServicesIoT Product Development Services

We design and develop IoT devices for your connected products and smart services using multiple chipsets and operating systems. Our expertise includes:

    Device Connectivity

  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi/ Wireless LAN
  • Ethernet/LAN
  • GSM, 3G, 4G, LTE, Cat-M1
  • LPWA like NB-IoT, Lora

    Hardware platform

  • Atmel
  • Microchip
  • Arduino
  • Zigbee
  • Texas Instruments
  • Espressinf
  • Raspberry Pi

iot-dashboard-development-servicesIoT Dashboard Development Services

Our team creates custom IoT dashboards that visualize real-time data from your connected devices, providing a clear and actionable overview of key metrics and trends.

  • Data Visualization
  • Tailoring dashboards to fit specific user
  • Real-time Data Integration
  • Data Analytics Integration
  • Alerting and Notification Systems

pcb-design-servicesPCB Design Services/Circuit Board Design

We have the expertise to design and develop high-quality printed circuit boards (PCBs) for your IoT devices, ensuring optimal functionality, performance, and manufacturability. Here's a breakdown of the key services offered:

  • Schematic Capture
  • PCB Layout Design
  • Power Integrity Analysis (PIA)
  • Signal Integrity Analysis (SI)
  • Design Rule Checking (DRC)
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) Generation

Iot Firmware Development ServicesIoT Firmware Development And Integration

We do Microprocessor & Microcontroller based IoT firmware design, development, and testing. We take utmost care of security while working on firmware. Our Key firmware services include:

    Service Segments

  • Board support packages
  • Network connectivity
  • Device drivers
  • Power management
  • LPWA like NB-IoT, Lora

    Supportive Protocols

  • MQTT
  • OPC-UA
  • HTTP
  • UDP
  • XMP

IoT Mobility ServicesMobility

We bring improved productivity, higher security, powerful prediction & Rapid response through our IoT-enabled enterprise mobility Services. Our expertise includes:

    Mobility Platforms

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Cross development


  • Ionic
  • Xamarian
  • React Native
  • Flutter

IoT Cloud servicesCloud

We provide processing, commanding & analytics cloud services. That focuses on security functionalities while facilitating flexible & timely on-demand access to computing resources. Our cloud experts work on these:

    Cloud platforms

  • AWS
  • Windows Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • IBM Bluemix
  • ThingWorx


  • Java
  • Python
  • Node
  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue

Accelerate your product’s scalability with our IoT Development Solutions

Hardware Prototyping & Designing

We believe in inventing market-ready solutions that can enlarge your business success. Our hardware prototyping and designing services follow the purpose of engineering the idea and shaping new ideas with trending technologies

Capturing user requirements

Individual enclosure design

Scope analysis & hardware finalization with benchmarking & testing

Thermal analysis, power integrity & PCB signal integration testing

Embedded Software Development

Our embedded software solutions work around deep domain expertise and are customized with the latest IoT trends. We can help you with a complete software development process that can enhance the feasibility of your product in the market

Microcontroller & DSP programming

BSP for embedded & real-time operating systems

Support & development for AOSP

UAVs, intelligent devices, and motor control applications

Real-Time Tracking & Analytics

Our developers stick to the roadmap and the strategies for keeping the product development processes aligned. We utilize tracking and analytical tools to keep everything noted while maintaining the efficiency and productivity of the product.

Web app-based HMIs/dashboard

Predictive & advanced maintenance systems

Effective dashboard for device management

Support for AWS IoT Care, Azure IoT Hub & many other IoT platforms

Mobile Apps for Connected Devices

Our app development teams are well-vetted in IoT app development for smart devices. They are process-oriented and know how to master their art when building mobile-friendly, platform-friendly, and digitally equipped solutions.

Wearable interactive applications

Mobile application with BLE & Wifi connectivity

Contactless payment integration

Image-recognition application

Industry-Leading Tech Stack Strengthening our IoT development solutions Provider

  • Data Analytics

     IoT Data Analytics
    DATA Analytics
    • Data Process And
    • BIGData
    • Machine Learning
  • Connectivity Between

    Connectivity Between Devices
    Connectivity Between
    • Wireless
    • Ethernet
    • Bluetooth
    • 4G LTE
    • NFC
    • GSM Network(2G/3G and SMS)
  • Supported Protocols

    Supported Protocols
    Supported Protocols
    • HTTP
    • TCP
    • UDP
    • XMP
    • HTTPS
    • COAP
    • MQTT
    • MODBUS
  • Cloud Platform

    Cloud Platform
    Cloud Platform
    • AWS
    • Windows Azure
    • Google Cloud
    • IBM Bluemix
    • ThingWorx
  • Driving Forces for IOT

    Driving Forces for IOT
    Driving Forces for IOT
    • Miniature Boards Sensor
    • Power Connectivity
    • Cloud Sync User Application
  • Web Services

    Web Services
    Web Services
    • Restful service
    • OAuth Authorization services
    • SOAP services
    • Thing API
  • Standards

    • OPENIoT
    • HomeKit
    • Nest
  • Operating System

    Operating System
    Operating System
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Windows 10

Industry-Focused IoT App Development Solutions

As a top IoT development company, we have successfully completed over 200 projects for IoT devices, apps, and games across multiple platforms.

Fleet management

We integrate fleets with location tracking, weight measurement, & several other sensors. Also, store all the data in a cloud application, which makes fleet operation easier & more efficient.

Remote Vehicle Diagnostic

IoT empowers cognition for vehicles that can remotely diagnose comfort settings, mechanical stats, & entertainment consoles.

Automotive Maintenance System

Our IoT based maintenance helps one to take the necessary steps to prevent its vehicle parts from sudden breakdown. Just like dashboard indicators of a vehicle, our system will alert the driver about probable malfunctions.

In-vehicle Infotainment and Telematics

With our Telematics services, a vehicle owner can keep an eye on its vehicle even from remote locations. Also can call concerned authorities like ambulance or firefighters in case of an emergency.


Drugs & Equipment Management

Through connected devices, drugs & equipment are managed and utilized efficiently with reduced cost.

Faster Disease Diagnosis

With unbroken patient monitoring and real-time data diseases are diagnosed at an early stage or even before the disease develops based on symptoms.

Remote Patient Monitoring

RPM is made possible through smart devices by sharing real-time patient’s data to healthcare professionals. that cuts down on hospital wait times, healthcare costs and improves the well-being of patients.

Wearable Devices

Wearable devices are generating huge volumes of personal health data. With technologies like cloud computing, fog computing, and Big Data we bring customized product Solutions.


Industrial asset tracking

We provide accurate real-time data about enterprise’s assets, their statuses, locations and movements, Our IoT-based asset management solutions eliminate the tracking burden from the employees.

Predictive Analytics

With Predictive analytics, we provide timely maintenance alerts through real-time data from multiple sensors that are transmitted to the cloud.

Supply chain management

IoT Enables industries to monitor their supply chain by providing meaningful estimates of the available inventory. We facilitate devices tracking and tracing of inventory systems on a global scale.

Safety / Security

IOT improves employee safety, Like, When sensors detect a person is in the way, the system can halt a process while delivering alerts. At the same time, it reduces toxic byproduct production.


Smart Lighting

Street Lights equipped with sensors and connecting them to a cloud management solution helps to adapt lighting settings as per the outer conditions.

Smart Traffic Management

We use GPS data from drivers’ smartphones. And at the same time, connect with the smart traffic lights cloud platform to monitor light timings and automatically alter the lights based on the current traffic situation to prevent congestion.

Smart Parking

Again with the help of driver’s GPS data & the road surface sensors embedded in the parking spots, our system determines whether the parking spots are occupied or available and create a real-time parking map.

Smart Waste System

We improve waste management by tracking waste levels and providing optimized route and operational analytics.


Data Collection from smart sensors

Through sensors and motion detectors one can track the state of the equipment efficiency & farm condition. This allows farmers to plan for better product distribution.

Crop Health management

With IoT enabled sensors & drones, one can easily monitor the condition of crops as well as critical environmental factors, like moisture levels.

Crop Irrigation management

With IoT-enabled sensors, the humidity levels & precipitation can be monitored and automatically make adjustments in the irrigation schedules to create the optimal conditions for crop yield and quality.

Livestock Management

With a wearable collar or tag, the blood pressure & heart rate of animals can be tracked and wirelessly send this data in near-real-time to farmers’ devices.


Automated Checkout

This IoT based system can read tags on each item when a customer leaves the store, while a tally checkout system would calculate & automatically deduct the cost from the customer's mobile app.

Remote Vehicle Diagnostic

Smart Shelves- With built-in weight sensors, the items are monitored on the shelves. The RFID tags are used to scan the products on both shelves & displays.

Warehouse Automation

Build automated warehouses that utilize data from embedded sensors in equipment to connect, monitor, and manage an almost unlimited range of data points.

Supply chain management

IoT is an effective way to track & authenticate products and shipment. GPS and other technologies make it easy to monitor the storage condition of products.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the general process for IoT application development?

In general, IoT app development begins with the selection of a platform, followed by the selection of hardware and development boards, consideration of usability, and finally, ensuring that the product is fast and ready to run.

How much time will it take to build an IoT application?

It will take about 12 weeks for a startup to build an IoT app with basic features and a regular UI, which includes firmware creation, application development, and deployment on AWS Cloud. The timeframe will range between 12 and 18 weeks if the application needs a lot of module creation, integration and testing.

Project: Firefly Description: Vehicle tracking and get current status of vehicle charge, mode, sensor value, speed, temperature and other derived parameter, User can check these live status on the Web app or Mobile app, can take action. The system required: Hardware which will work with Vehicle( Raspberry pi Based), It includes 4G LTE gateway Module, Temperature sensor, Can Reader Value will be sent to the Azure server, Server will read those value and start parsing of every device value, then feed those value to API & Database for record and web application.

System required: Hardware which will work with Vehicle( Raspberry pi Based)

Why choose HashStudioz Technologies for IoT app development services?

HashStudioz Technologies is a trusted name in the IoT software development services domain for a variety of purposes. Our in-house background in different technology, experience collaborating with numerous industry verticals, and usage cases are generally the reasons for this.

Does your company work according to my time-zone preferences?

Yes, we operate in your local time zone (PST/EST/CST/MST). We are actively working to finish the project by the deadline.

Can your developers work with my existing system/tool/CRM etc?

Yes, of course! Our standard approach has always been to leave our clients' end-of-service options as open-ended as possible. We've partnered with a variety of customers who already have an app or website and needed us to align our work with their current frameworks, software, and CRM.

Do you sign NDA?

You don't have to be worried about it. We follow the strict NDA policy in order to protect your concept. All parties will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which will secure both parties' assets and rights. Give us an email at to request our NDA.

What are the benefits of outsourcing IoT app development?

When it comes to technology innovation, the IoT software production market is constantly expanding. Newer use cases and application variations are launched every day in the IoT environment, which can be highly time and cost expensive for an in-house development team to manage.

What is edge computing in IoT?

Edge computing is a technique that requires devices to process data on-site or near-site rather than uploading it to a data center or the cloud. Edge computing is used to achieve local efficient power, work in the face of intermittent communication, or filter data instantly, transmitting only what is needed to the cloud.

What is custom IoT development?

IoT development is the method of creating Internet of Things (IoT) software and products that can be managed remotely and used to track the status or environment of the connected product using sensors and external data sources. Custom IoT production is carried out to satisfy a company's unique needs.

What are the Internet of things (IoT) application development services offered by Hashstudioz Technologies?

HashStudioz has the following Internet of Things Software Development Services:

Hardware Prototyping and Design- Our IoT experts may also build a smart technology concept to help consumers get a better understanding of their app before it is produced.

Embedded Software Development- Our IoT developers create embedded and firmware devices that collect sensor data, incorporate the smart device into IoT networks, send the data to the cloud, and analyze the data using edge and fog computing.

Mobile App Development for Connected Devices- We create cross-platform and native mobile apps that have on-the-go access to data collected by smart IoT devices as well as act as a remote control for IoT devices.

Which IoT development platforms are used by HashStudioz Technologies?

IoT development platforms used by HashStudioz are as follows:

AWS IoT Core- The AWS IoT Core platform allows IoT devices to link to AWS services, process data, and safe connections and data. This interface enables apps to communicate with devices even though they are not connected to the internet.

Google Cloud IoT- The Google Cloud IoT platform is a collection of cloud and edge-based applications for connecting, storing, processing, and analyzing data. The platform includes fully managed cloud storage as well as a tech stack for on-premises and edge computing.

ThingWorx- ThingWorx is an Industrial IoT platform that helps users to easily build industrial IoT solutions and scale them securely from the cloud to the edge. It allows dynamic computational procedures to be automated.

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