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Integrate Your Electric Vehicle with Intuitive Software Development

As electric vehicles are taking the world by storm, it is time
to get them implemented with leading software
development that offers the best of services to get the
most out of them.

Hashstudioz under its expertise offers solution
development systems based on the latest technology
stack. Some of our services are a fully automated system
for tracking your vehicle management and maintenance,
battery performance and durability tracker.

We help with solutions for the entire electric vehicle
spectrum i.e. Our Solutions are for both the Electric Vehicle
Operators, CHarging Station Owners, EV manufacturers
and the end Customer both on Web and Mobile.

Let Us Try To Understand The Electric Vehicle Ecosystem I.E
How It Works And What Are The Contributors And Stakeholders

Based on the usage, Electric Vehicles are
widely used in both B2C and B2B space i.e.
end consumers for their own personal use
where they need to be assisted with the
web and mobile ev solution for finding the
chargers, getting status of their vehicle
battery status as well as leading e-commerce
and logistic services providers for hyper
local deliveries. For Logistic business operators, it
is very critical to track and manage the fleet,
and get regular vehicle health information.

vehicle manufacturers Electric Vehicle Manufacturers
EV Consumers EV Consumers
Charging Station EV Charging Station Setup Owners
charging station manufacturers EV charging station manufacturers -
Works both in Hybrid Model

Some of the leading EV transformation that we bring in with
our solutions are:


For Customers

Customers today want more feasibility and accessibility of services. Hashstudioz with its solutions provide the customers with easily manageable resources and fulfilling requirements. Be it GPS based tracking or finding a nearby charging station our solutions fit to all your needs and can be customized to suit your EV vehicles requirements.

  • Mobile App based charging station slot booking
  • Allowing users the in-hand access and ease of booking their charging slots in advance; just with a tap on the app. Our developed application will prove to be a handy utility that shall allow you to manage well upon your vehicle charging management at ease.

  • Anti-Theft Electric Vehicle System Development
  • Set your EV on our secured technology that protects your vehicle from thefts and notifies you via call, sms when it comes under a theft attempt and provides you with ease of managing your vehicle assets.

  • GPS based Charging stations tracking
  • Providing the user with an accurate location for the charging stations; help them track the nearest charging station easily when in need. Our GPS tracker will allow you to be able to charge your vehicle without taking much of your time and saving your efforts in searching for charging stations.

For Electric Charging Station Owners

For charging station owners, it starts from controlling and monitoring the usage of their EV charging stations which involves getting the data from connected devices and preparing a dashboard. Setup pricing, invoicing and a convenient solution to run
the operations.
Depending on the need, the charging stations owners can expose their charging station inventory to other partners, consolidator.

Electric Vehicle Charging
Station Aggregators

As EV vehicles surge, it becomes a hectic task for the charging station infrastructure to fulfill the growing needs and manage their resources.

We provide the EV charging providers and EV consumers a single platform to utilise on each other's needs.

Our Solutions Range In


Personal Charging Access

You can avail of a personal charging station with our cloud based charging station slot that will be used only by you. You will have the access to use it for your vehicle or allow someone else charge through it based on cloud access.


Corporate Charging Network

As office spaces too get filled with more ev based commuting thus it becomes vital for them to avail a charging station nearby or at the location to get their vehicle charged up and running. With our cloud based solutions you can avail of a virtual charging station for your employees.


Fleet Charging Solution

Give your fleet a specified charging station where they can at any time go and charge their vehicles on the run. Our cloud based solutions offer you with a leading fleet charging provider whose stations at multiple locations can be utilised by your fleet and have them stress free rides.

Fleet Owners

WIth growing EV based fleet services, fleet owners are looking to get the solutions that allow them to scale their business as well as manage their daily tasks at ease.

Hashstudioz brings the latest technology for the EV vehicle fleet management solutions with emphasis on the leading metrics like Fleet Charging Management, Vehicle Management, Battery Health Tracker and Management, Driver Behaviour Monitoring, Daily Task Tracker.

We provide the best solutions that allow the fleet owners to operate and manage upon their EV fleet. Our Solutions include Fleet Management System, EV Management System, Mobile App and Web Based Integrated System for the management and maintenance of EV vehicles.

Our solutions ease out the process and help develop your services keeping the mix of advancing technology and resources at your behest. With our dedicated and committed approach and cloud based solutions we provide you with real time analytics into the charging services, easily control and keep a check upon the routine services.

How Hashstudioz is providing the best of EV
Ecosystem Developments


Easy and Effective Solutions

Our technology enabled solutions bring the ease of use for the consumer and prove to be highly effective in better management of your EV. We present you well researched and engineered solutions that hold the crux of solving your problems and providing you with the best of resources.


Swift Accessibility and Implementation

Our solutions are developed keeping in mind the accessibility of our solutions to the users providing fast, secure and safe implementation. Hashstudioz offers you solutions that are robust, resourceful and responsive in nature that enhances your experience of utilising our services.


Futuristic and Latest Technology

Our solutions are well designed with the latest technology to provide you with a futuristic approach such that our solutions last for a longer time with timely updates and upgrades. Our team of expert engineers collectively works and researches new technologies that can be well implemented for latest EV developments.

electric vehicle

Why Customer Choose Hashstudioz

Hashstudioz is keeping itself focused on the latest developments that are taking place and is transforming the EV ecosystem. The customers find value in our services as we provide them with services that exceed their expectations.

At global level the acceptance for electric vehicles has gone up with a greater surge. It is time that enterprises as well as consumers are looking to further improve upon their services and satisfaction for the EV.

Hashstudioz with its aim to be a global frontrunner in providing some of the leading EV technology developments is ready to revolutionise the way EV ecosystem is working and will bring the change that will not just boost its growth but will also make EV be a super enabler for the next gen vehicle utility as well as additional services like logistics, transportation and various other services that are dependent on it.

Frequently Asked Questions About EVS

What is EV? What are various services offered?

EV stands for Electric Vehicle and its services that holds its relevance with the growing outreach for the electric based vehicles in the market be it 2 wheelers or 4 wheelers. Along with vehicle manufacturing today the market is booming with the developments of services like GPS based charging stations tracking, app based charging slot booking, deploying anti theft system in your electric vehicle.

What are the various software based EV developments?

EV offers a wide range of software based services which can be utilised by the individual user as well as by the manufacturers. These services are built on the requirements and are based on the latest technology and engineering solutions. The features offered under software developments are based on the utility, reliability and safety developments for the vehicles, such as GPS charging station tracking, Mobile app for booking charging slot, anti theft software deployment.

What EV services do Hashstudioz offers?

Hashstudioz under its team of engineers who are well versed in EV based software solutions development and help you to get the best of solutions for your EV requirement. We offer various solutions for the EV services like mobile app for EV management, GPS tracker for charging station, anti theft solutions. We also bring you many other solutions where you can bring in your requirements and we bring out the best suitable solution for you.

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