Cloud Infrastructure Setup

The rapidly changing software industry has so many surprises for you. You have the advantage of delegating almost every service you want to be done efficiently but lack of qualified resources.

And it is a smart choice to get things done by professionals and focus on your core concept. So if you want to set up the hardware and software components - such as servers, storage, network, or virtualization software, then we have a dedicated pool of professionals and tools to get it done for you.

At Hashstudioz, you get the advantage of multi-layered security provided across physical data centers, infrastructure, and operations with cybersecurity experts actively monitoring to protect your business assets and data.

Cloud Infrastructure Services We offer:

Industrial Automation

Setup Hardware Component - We provide a detailed system resource setting for the specific device or the whole setup.

Setup Software Component - At Hashstudioz you get the complex installation of software components under your time and money frame.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) - With this service, you can rent the IT infrastructure components -- including compute, storage and networking according to the need.

SaaS (Software as a Service) - With this service, you can simply access the software from your end and need not worry about the maintenance or updation of the software.

API Abstraction Layer - We provide an abstraction layer that virtualizes resources and logically presents them to users through APIs or Graphical or command line interfaces.