Cannabis Marijuana Mobile App Development Company

Since the USA and Canada have made cannabis products legal, the demand for cannabis products has been exploding ever since. The weed industry is growing daily, and the opportunities in the field are immense. As a result, many people are trying to optimize their cannabis business with the help of technology and application development.

When many products and services emerge on digital platforms, it is only logical for the weed business to follow suit. Today, there are hundreds of different cannabis apps capable of catering to your every need and making app development in the cannabis industry a hot market!

HashStudioz is the leading cannabis marijuana mobile app development company. We provide exceptional marijuana delivery mobile application development services to help your cannabis business succeed to greater heights. We assist you in building a unique online storefront for your weed brand. We create secure yet scalable apps for industry-specific needs and deliver a high-achieving and reliable application for your business.

Future Of Cannabis Delivery Marketplace

Cannabis Marijuana App Development Company

The cannabis market is aiming for exponential growth in the future. If we look at the numbers, the global weed market is worth more than 15 billion US dollars and is expecting to rise to 42.7 billion US dollars in 2024, which is a seemingly unimaginable speed.

Furthermore, the total sales of legalized recreational marijuana in the year 2018 was 4.4 billion and is expected to reach the mark of 20 billion by the year 2022. These exceptional predictions by experts indicate that the weed market is the new “gold rush” in the pharmaceutical sector and invites nothing but opportunities.

There were two factors responsible for this boom. The first is the legalization of marijuana in 29 different states in the USA. Another reason is the growing number of studies stating the positive effects of using marijuana for medical treatments.

Cannabis and medical marijuana are becoming more popular day by day. People are getting to know the good side of these products that were considered taboo in past years, as studies on these cannabis strains increase. Thus, inviting a great chance of promoting cannabis and cannabis delivery marketplace.

Critical Features of Weed App Development

There are some must-have features that every cannabis application or weed delivery service mobile app should have in order to ensure dominant performance. As a rule of thumb, cannabis or cannabis delivery mobile app development contains three panels, customer, delivery, and admin. These three panels require a different set of features to function correctly.

Here are the key features of weed app development that every app should have.

Customer Panel

This panel features all the information and features that a customer might need to browse through the application effortlessly. It is crucial to have a customer panel with an attractive UI/UX design to keep the visitors engaged and is responsible for pushing the customer through the sales funnel.

Cannabis App Development Company
A Diverse List Of Products

It is always a wise choice to give the customer various weed options and different strains. The customers can select and experience a different product each time they visit the app and choose the best one. You can also mention the medical benefits to the users to make the decision easier.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking is a helpful tool for users and businesses. It helps businesses monitor their fleet in real-time and allows users to track their orders and get an accurate delivery ETA.

Cannabis Delivery App Development Services
Cannabis Marijuana Delivery App Development Services
Payment Gateways

Offering the feature of online payment through the application is another crucial feature for businesses, especially those who provide on-demand weed delivery solution. It provides a single platform to order, pay, and track all the orders the customer has placed and makes the purchasing process hassle-free.

Delivery Panel

One of the most popular cannabis applications in the cannabis marketplace is the cannabis delivery mobile application development services. People want to have their cannabis strains delivered to their doorstep, and that is where on-demand weed delivery solution come into play.

On-demand Weed Delivery Solution
GPS Tracking

Delivery panels require GPS integration to locate and navigate the delivery location effectively. It allows the driver to quickly pick up and drop off the orders and facilitate smooth and on-time delivery of orders.

Cannabis Mobile App Development Company
Order Monitoring

Keeping a proper record of the orders and deliveries is also an important feature that must be included in the delivery panel. Drivers can update the delivery status as per the situation and keep the customer updated about its order status.

Cannabis Mobile App Development Company
Account Registration

Offering the feature of online payment through the application is another crucial feature for businesses, especially those who provide on-demand weed delivery solution. It provides a single platform to order, pay, and track all the orders the customer has placed and makes the purchasing process hassle-free.

Admin Panel

Admin panel is an admin-specific platform in an application that permits access and allows manipulation of information within the application's user interface. The Admin panel handles all the back-end operations of the application and ensures a smooth and sleek customer experience.

Cannabis Mobile App Development Company
The Main Dashboard

Every admin panel includes a central dashboard that contains all the information, statistics, and data about the application. The administrator can access all the crucial information with the help of the main dashboard.

Manage Products

The Admin panel is responsible for modifying the data the app includes. The administrator can easily manage and update the applications information and product listings with this feature.

Cannabis App Development Services
Cannabis App Development Services
Reports and Feedback

Another feature of the admin panel is to access and address all the bug reports and customer feedback. It helps handle all the grievances and reports raised by the users and ensures better services in the future.

Put Your Weed Business on the Map

Weed business is a new and trending market that promises an inevitable success for concerned businesses. However, trending markets bring cutthroat competition, and it is only smart to use the powers of mobile app development technology to boost your business venture. HashStudioz is a dominant name in app development in the cannabis industry.

Off-the-shelf applications do not always meet the niche requirements that an organization might have. HashStudioz allows you to have an industry-specific application created especially for your business needs.

We possess in-depth knowledge about application development which revolves around cannabis app design and development services and allow your business to reach a gigantic user base.